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Barber Supply Group is a “strictly trade only” wholesaler supplying products to the barber industry.  We have more than 30 years of experience offering trade professionals access to a large range of professional barber products, expert advice and exclusive brands.  Our trade members enjoy competitive prices, loyalty rewards points, regular industry news, and updates on new products.

Barber Supply Group is not for just anyone.  It is a professional “trade only” access group. To become a trade member you need to have a qualification in the industry. Sign up as a trade member by filling out the online application form and wait for approval from our team.  It’s quick and easy!

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JRL Professional

JRL Professional tools can be found in the hands of barber and hair professionals all over the globe.
Dedicated to craftsmanship and functional design JRL pride themselves on producing cutting edge technology for the trade. Utilising quality, revolutionary materials and continual innovation these are the finest tools in the industry.

Wahl Gold Plate 

The 02215-700 Gold T-Wide Blade creates a crisp, clean line that keeps customers coming back. The extended blade cutting area produces faster results for ultimate efficiency.

Ideal for facial hair and design, it allows you to get creative while keeping clean lines.

Global Scissors

Precision made from Japanese Steel Global scissors are made for the industry by the industry.

Comfortable / well balanced with fine shaped blades for artistic barbering with durability.